Global Voice Connect—A better way to call. Global voice Connect Pinless is a pre-paid calling card
service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. And unlike some other calling cards, there are no hidden charges or fees with Global voice Connect.

Global Voice Connect offers a 100% call quality guarantee and RISK FREE satisfaction guarantee or your money back! Global voice Connect is proud to maintain over a 95% customer retention rate earned from exceptional customer
service available 7 days a week.

Global Voice Connect provides high quality termination for international voice traffic. We are interconnected with the world’s most reliable data and voice operators, providing cost efficient solutions to our customers,Global Voice Connect is the leading innovator of small business Voice over IP  (VoIP) phone services. Continually delivering the best in value, technology, and  service to its customers.

What is the service & why should I use it?
This is a pre-paid telecoms service that allows you to call anywhere in the world using any phone that you choose.

Uses the latest technology solutions to divert your call to its destination providing you with the most cost effective route and best quality for your call.

The service gives you:

Low Cost

  • A quality low cost telecommunications service that will save you money on your international telephone calls.
  • You can make calls at anytime during the day at one low cost universal rate.
  • Our service has no hidden charges.
  • Our rates are competitive.


  • All you need to do is register and you can start using the service immediately from your fixed line, your mobile phone or Softphone App.
  • You don’t have to cancel your existing landlines or your mobile phone networks to benefit from our service.
  • It’s easy to sign up, manage and most importantly use our service

Softphone Application

  • Automatic Configuration:  Automatically configured when the end user logs in or simply scans a QR code.
  • Battery Life:  Push Notifications enable this unique mobile softphone to significantly conserve battery life when the app runs in the background.
  • Features:  Offers a full range of features such as Speed Dial, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Conferencing, Call Waiting, Ring Tone selection, Address Book integration, optional Call Recording, Video Calling and more. Dialed numbers can be automatically re-written to accommodate special dialing protocols around the world. The app currently supports multiple languages.

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